"Let me start by saying I LOVE THIS THING. I can't tell you how many times I have ordered picks and before ya know it i can't find a single one. With this thing, if I can't find one I can just make one! It comes in a nice box with the punch, pick material, pick sander for the edges ( if needed) and a key chain for holding picks. The punch is built like a tank and feels like a quality made tool. " 
Jacqueline Smolinski
"Purchased for a gift, we did not think this to be that special of a tool - it's basically a hole puncher that cuts in the shape of a guitar pick. Item is heavy duty, and the recipient was thrilled to receive this on Christmas Day, punching pick after pick after pick. Did not realize that guitarists would find such a thrill with this item, but it won out over the most sought after gift of the day, an ultra-original idea in decades."
Susan McCormick 

"I bought the Pick-a-Palooza for my husband. He has been playing guitar for over 40 years. He had never seen anything like it and is thrilled with it! He took it to his Sunday night gig last week and the other guitar player is completely entranced with it as well. He made a bunch of picks and loved them, played with them all night. One of the reviews I read said great for beginners but seasoned musicians probably wouldn't find much use for one. WRONG! The way guys lose picks, I think any guitar player will be completely bedazzled by Pick-a-Palooza just like my husband and his partner."

Dennis Frank