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Pick-a-Palooza - Now You Can Create Your Own Guitar Picks  

All guitar players know the feeling of being "pick-less" in a time of need. Whether you are about to perform the gig of your life or simply strumming the guitar for fun; a pick makes all the difference. No picks; no playing guitar; no fun! With the Pick-a-Palooza never be "pick-less" again. Our revolutionary system allows you to create guitar and bass picks out of virtually any piece of plastic. Its simple, easy to use and small enough to fit into any gig bag. It's sturdy construction allows musicians to carry it with them and press out customized, smooth edged guitar picks instantly.

What's Included
1 Pick-a-Palooza Pick Punch
4 Cool Design Strips (Easily Create 20 Guitar Picks Right Out Of the Box)
1 Premium Leather Key Chain Guitar Pick Holder
1 Guitar Shaped File

• Sturdy Construction
• Simple to Use
• Lots of Fun
• Great for Musicians on the Go

Simple and Easy To Use
1. Just place any plastic material in the Pick-a-Palooza 
2. Press down and out pops a newly created guitar pick - feel free to share with friends! 

Grab your guitar and start strumming. Casual players and serious musicians alike love the Pick-a-Palooza. You can also use the Pick-a-Palooza with a little imagination to create unique gifts such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and keepsakes of all kinds. So "pick" one up and start making your own picks today!

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